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Both Alexandra Jupillat and Margault Antonini have a special relationship with writing, and they have both kept diaries since they first learnt to write. Hand-made notebooks, with petroleum blue ink on pure wood pulp paper… They write down everything and nothing; their archived collections are the foundations of their unique identities. Lovers of the turpitude of the French language, they can also (when it is called for) detach themselves from words and think in images.

They met in an English-speaking press office in Paris at the age of 19, and had many lengthy discussions about their shared passion. Their paths went in different directions after organising a Parisian haute couture fashion show, only for them to meet again a few years later with plenty of new experiences under their belts. At the age of 24 they decided to unite their address books, offer up their universe – so exotic, mechanical and archaic – and dedicate their hands and minds to a wider audience: they wanted to live through their passion and put down their roots in Paris. Their memoires, although not yet sensational enough to read on the train, are already fairly noteworthy…

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Margault pursued literary studies by taking preparatory classes (Hypokhâgne) at the Lycée Jules Ferry, and validating her second year of "Licence" at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris). She then joined L'Officiel de la Mode in the context of the launch of the magazine's website, L'Officiel.com, where she served as an editorial coordinator alongside the Editor-in-Chief. Meanwhile, she contributed to the group's various publications, such as Jalouse, L'Officiel Hommes, L'Officiel Shopping, and L'Officiel de la Mode, for which she was in charge of several monthly columns. Three years later, she became an independent writer and seized the opportunity to broaden her action and writing. She now writes portraits of young fashion designers for MIXT(E), and shares about beautiful apartments, designers and recipes in MilK Décoration. She also writes in English for Into The Gloss, Fashionista.com and Monocle, whose Paris Guide she contributed to by finding and commenting on the city's best spots. As the co-founder of les dactylos communication agency, she spends her time between Paris and her country house in Normandy, where she likes to write and take care of her small vegetable garden.




Alexandra graduated in Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship from Middlesex University Business School (London) and holds a Master's degree in Luxury Management from the Paris School of Business with a concentration in Arts and Cultural Management. She is an expert in corporate and marketing communication, and is passionate about interviewing leading figures in art and culture. After working as a web editor for the Arab World Institute's communications department in early 2015, she co-founded a communication agency called Les Dactylos in November 2015. She previously worked in the field of journalism (FAULT Magazine), public relations (Saywho, People's Revolution), cultural management (The Invisible Dog Art Center), event planning (FAMNYC), model management (NEXT Management), and strategic marketing (Bonjour Bonjour) in Paris, London and New York City. She was also the personal assistant of artist Annina Roescheisen for a year for whom she supervised the production of photographs and the fundraising campaign for her film The Exit Fairytale of Suicide. Proud of her partial Algerian heritage, she hopes to make her own documentary about that country and trace the history of her ancestors while showing the country's past and present artistic and architectural diversity. Her other personal project involves promoting musicians from the Sahel region whose style she particularly enjoys.  

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